Box Mountain Project

ALESS is building a database of maps, water data, and supporting documentation to assist in understanding the physical and natural features of the north slope of Box Mountain, immediately south of Nakusp, B.C. The area runs from Arrow Lake on the west border to Box Lake on the east. This first map is a simple indication of the underlying rock (bed rock) type. This is important because these rocks influence the overlying material, especially the soils and the aquifers. Water that contacts these bedrocks dissolves, albeit slowly, the minerals which make up the rocks, especially as the rocks weather.

The bedrock is overlain by glacial material deposited in the last 20,000 years. Much of the glacial material has been re-worked by water and forms the clay, silt, sand, and gravel beds that make up the water bearing deposits (aquifers) which store and move underground water in the area. Some aquifers are also formed in the underlying bedrock when it has cracks or porosity.

We drill into these aquifers to get our drinking water. We also get drinking water from springs, which are formed when underground water comes to the surface and from creeks which form from surface runoff and from springs and seeps. These water sources will be the subject of future maps and discussions.

Drag the centre line to cover and uncover the bedrock types.

Edgewood-Fauquier Area – Water Wells

The following map shows the location of all of the water wells registered with the BC government in the area of Edgewood and Fauquier. Much more data is available and will continue to be posted as it is mapped.

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