Special Meetings

Public Information Meeting REF WPT / SWAP Presentation Nakusp 25 Jan 2018


Introduction (10:30)

  • Kevin Schiller
  • Gerry Nellestijn

Attendees Introductions

Megan Chadwick – BC Hydro
Jerry Van Immerzeel – ATV Club
Jen Walker-Larsen – BC Hydro
Angus Glass – FWCP
Christine Nickol – MOTI
Kevin Schiller – ALESS
Doug Walkrin – ALESS
Simon Wallis – ALESS
Kristen Murphy – MFLNRO
Donald Kirk – Woodlot 406 owner
Ron Palmer – Interfor
Cam Leitch – Forester – Forest Practices Board
Frances Swan – Nakusp and Area Community Forest Inc.
Richard Johnson – SWAMP
Tessa Terbasket – ONA
Lisa Wilson – ONA
Michael Zimmer – ONA

Presentations (10:45)

Gerry NellestijnThank REF

Gerry Nellestijn
WPT / SWAP overview

Francis Swan (11:35)
Nakusp & Area Community Forest (2013) Inc.
NACFOR is owned by Nakusp
NACFOR is managed by True North Forestry Consulting Ltd
Mission Statement: “Balance economic, ecological and social concerns in a manner that optimizes benefits for both the local and global community“
*Potential: fire management, hydrology modelling, climate change issues

Ron Palmer (11:47)
Interfor Planning
*Potential: fish enhancement to road / bridge building, high value BT areas, prescribed burning (for habitat restoration), climate change research with UBC

Richard Johnson (12:00)
~$300,000 on mapping wetlands
Wetland mapping training offered
Working on standardized benthic invertebrate assessments in stagnant water
Rare and listed species assessments
Pubic outreach
*Potential: wetland assessment / monitoring, bats, mammals, plants, birds

Lunch (12:15)

Presentations Cont. (13:00)

Angus Glass (13:00)
FWCP Overview
$9.4 million for 2017-18
Enhance Fish & Wildlife in dam impacted watershed
Priorities: (1) Riparian, (2) Restoration, (3) North Columbia
Community Engagement Grants ($1000), no deadline – more funding in Apr 2018
Currently updating action plans – will ask the public what is needed
*Potential: public input into updating action plans

Lisa Wilson / Tessa Terbasket (13:15)
Sylix Water Responsibility Informing Watershed Planning
The Sylix Water Declaration
How to see TEK methodology to inform Watershed Planning
Sylix Water “Responsibility” and Planning methodology (rather than “management”)
Incorporating tangible and intangible values; TEK mapping
Consider what your underlying VALUES are (underlying all planning)
Look into “Facilitation Language” to handle misalignments
Territories, varying underlying values
How to evaluate the success of the plan

Michael Zimmer (13:36)
Technical Projects

Discussion (13:45)

  • Lisa Wilson: Recommend looking at discussion points rather than looking at the matrix
  • Simon Wallis: There is quite a lot of common ground between stakeholders matrix important

SWAP Matrix Walkthrough (13:55)

Discussion (14:15)

  • Kristin Murphy: Does ALESS have stated objectives?
  • Kevin Schiller We build that together the Matrix holds it
  • Christine Nickol: I need to know what ALESS objectives are so that I can figure out what FLNRO can bring to the table.
  • Kevin Schiller: Sustainable fish & wildlife numbers, ecosystems, wetlands; water is number 1 (protection, caring)
  • Richard Johnson: Maybe ONA and ALESS can come together and figure out something and bring it back to other stakeholders.
  • Lisa Wilson: We need to go into this with eyes wide open. This idea will attract more and more people to the table.
  • Kristin Murphy: So Kevin if you could make a organizational document…
  • Lisa Wilson: Next step would be a visioning exercise.
  • Frances Swan: I’m not clear on the governance structure of ALESS or their operating boundary.
  • Kevin Schiller: Shelter Bay – Galena Bay ferry to Hugh Keenleyside Dam, to the high point of land
  • Angus Glass: Gerry do you have any advice for how ALESS could look at their operating boundary? It is not a nice, distinct watershed
  • Gerry Nellestijn: The scope Kevin identified is fine butt start with a smaller high value watershed like Mosquito Cr./other.
  • Christine Nickol: Do an inventory of projects that are already being / have been done. Use active organizations to get in on work. Lisa Wilson mentioned earlier that ONA had done that already.
  • Kristin Murphy: A Water Licence Requirements Specialist from BC Hydro may have a list of all current working projects
  • Frances Swan: It would be VERY valuable to collect all relevant historic and current data before beginning
  • Christine Nickol: E.g. EcoCat

End (15:50)

Distribute ALESS governance docs to Mtg attendees.
Distribute Mtg. notes.
Develop ONA/ALESS co- coordination approach of next steps.

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