Minutes of the AGM, Sept. 26, 2020

The Annual General Meeting of the Arrow Lakes Environment Stewardship Society was held at the Gazebo in the Cenotaph park in Nakusp on Saturday, September 26th, 2020

Members Present: Kevin Schiller, Nicole Schiller, Simon Wallis, Lee Rooks, Doug Lofgren, Elaine Tenborg, Al Tenborg, Karen Marsden, Richard Johnson

The meeting was called to order by the chair, Kevin Schiller, at 2:04 PM.

The Agenda was accepted as presented.

Moved by Johnson, seconded by Rooks, Carried: That the minutes of the 2018 AGM be approved.

President Kevin Schiller gave a brief report of the activities of the Society for the past year, including communications with the Okanagan Nation Alliance concerning beaver reintroduction near Burton, water quality testing by Simon Wallis (using the CABIN protocol), and water monitoring of Box Lake by Elaine and Al Tenborg (using the Water Rangers protocol). Moved by Wallis, seconded by Johnson, Carried: That the report of the president be received.

Secretary Treasurer Nicole Schiller reported on the finances of the Society, including the current bank balance of $9,781 and no outstanding payable or receivables. President Schiller noted that the strong bank balance was thanks to a generous donation of approximately $5,000, with the funds to be dedicated to ALESS work in the Arrow Lakes Watershed. Moved by Johnson, seconded by Rooks, Carried: That the financial report be received.

The following officers and directors were nominated/volunteered and approved: President: Richard Johnson, Secretary: Simon Wallis, Board Members: Doug Lofgren, Lee Rooks, Elaine Tenborg, Al Tenborg

On behalf of the society, Richard Johnson, thanked Kevin and Nicole for their service.

There being no further items the meeting was adjourned at 2:23 PM

Board Meeting – March 3, 2018

Participants: Kevin Schiller (KS), Nicole Schiller (NS), Richard Johnson (RJ), Doug Loughran (DL), Simon Wallis (SW) Location: 753 – 8th Avenue NW, Nakusp, BC, V0G 1R0
Date and Time: Saturday 3 March 2018, 1.40 pm to 3 pm PST.

1. Meeting opened: 1.40 pm (proposed-KS, seconded-SW).
2. RJ to become an Acting Director of ALESS (proposed-KS, seconded-SW). This status will be updated to full Director at the next ALESS Annual General Meeting, date yet to be determined.
3. RJ presentation:
⦁ Grants: the Community Initiatives and Affected Areas Program (CI-AAP) Applications are due by the end of February 2018. RJ has filed two Application, on behalf of ALESS, that meets this deadline, in the sum of $7K in total (covering – water stream sampling, map printing, mileage for sample team, a modest sum for sample team involvement, analytical reagents for water testing by the sample team, water samples analysis at external contract analytical laboratories, a colour laser printer and toner).
1 ALESS need to develop a 5 year strategic plan. RJ made an application to the CBT Non-profit Support Program for assistance in developing a plan.
2 Watershed Planning Team (WPT) to be initiated. ALESS will call a meeting to do this. KS
4. 3 Initial projects to be suggested at the meeting for discussion by the stakeholders.
5. Eagle Creek, Edgewood), an ONA project: KS has indicated an interest in ALESS involvement.
6. Gerry N: available for telephone support, but will not be attending future WPTM meetings unless need be.
7. ONA: Lisa Wilson is to visit Nakusp in April to meet with ALESS members.
8. RDCK (Paul Peterson): provided funds in the amount of $2558.02 for the ALESS purchase of a projector and a laptop computer. ALESS to send an official thank you to Paul P (KS/NS).
9. Laura Duncan has previously given permission to ALESS via Richard Johnson, allowing ALESS to use the water testing equipment for as long as need be. RJ has confirmed.
10. RJ will request electronic copies of historic ALESS water sampling/results data from Laura D.
11. Forestry has agreed to provide, free of charge, some useful maps to ALESS: Kuskanax to Edgewood (part of the ALESS area Galena Bay to Castelgar). KS handling.
12. Central Kootenay Invasive Species (CKISS): currently conducting a razor clam study in the Valley during 2018, KS asked members if they were interested in helping if the opportunity arises.
13. New Societies Act: ALESS has to ‘transition to new act. We should pass new bylaws at next AGM. RJ will work with NS and KS to prepare them for the AGM.
14. The next Watershed Planning Team meeting is proposed to be Wednesday 28 Match 2018, at 1-3pm, Selkirk College
15. Meeting closed 3pm (proposed-KS, seconded-SW).

General Meeting – Dec 15, 2017

Date: Friday December 15, 2017
Call to order: 2:03 PM
In Attendance: Doug Lofgren, Linda Harrington, Simon Wallis, Michael Le Couteur, Kevin Schiller, Nicole Schiller

Bear proof bin acquisition progress discussion: Kevin has discussed with YRB and they do not have funds to support project. Need to explore getting permission to place bins should we come up with the funds. RDCK (Paul Pederson) has been approached, was advised to write a letter to RDCK with our proposal. Discussed possibility of applying for grant from CBT Spring grant intake. Source out and cost bins so that letters can be written.

Holmberg wetland discussion: update – CBT portion of grant application has been rejected. Project may have to be downsized if donations / funding money can’t be found.

Arrow Lakes watershed planning meeting Discussion and update: Meeting in December with the stakeholders was well received by those in attendance. Seven individual stakeholder groups are in support. Next step is to develop the steering committee. ALESS (Kevin) to begin planning second community meeting.

Website Discussion: Michael awaiting okay to publish updated watershed planning meeting info.

Fundraising brainstorming: Meat draw at the legion fundraiser suggested. “Go fund me” site. Pay Pal account setup for website? Create calendar as advertisement or fundraising? Michael to look into…

Michael also to investigate what the legion has to rent out as far as equipment / tent / table for toad fest 2018

Michael moves to adjourn meeting. Simon seconds.
Meeting adjourned at 3:07 PM

Board Meeting – Aug 15, 2020

There will be a meeting of the ALESS Board on Saturday, August 15, 2020 at 2:00 PM at the Gazebo in Nakusp. The meeting will be on the grass outdoors, socially distanced.

Bring a chair or a blanket to sit on.

General Meeting – Oct 28, 2017

There was a general meeting held October 28th, 2017 at 2:00 pm.

Call to order:  2:10 pm.
Members present- Kevin Schiller, Nicole Schiller, Doug Lofgren, Simon Wallis, John Poirier and Caryl Jones.

Grant discussion:  Changes to the grant application decision from last time.  Agreed to go forth applying for grants.  All in favour. Discussed grants to be applied for.
Discussed Watershed management plan development.
YRB (Yellowhead Road & Bridge) Bear proof garbage cans update:  Kevin to continue talks with Bart re bear proof garbage cans.  More to follow.
Kevin expressed a desire to work further with Box Lake wetland after CBWN (Columbia Basin Watershed Network) wetland day in October.  Concerns for painted turtle inhabitants.
Website discussed.
Columbia River Treaty discussed re water fluctuations impacts.
CBWN water monitoring data hub discussion by Simon.  Information provided to new members John and Caryl.
There being nothing more of relevance to discuss – meeting adjourned at 3:13 pm.

General meeting – Sept 16, 2017

There was a general meeting held September 16, 2017 at 2:00 pm
Members present- Kevin Schiller, Nicole Schiller, Doug Lofgren, Simon Wallis

Topics covered
1- Expenses
2- ALESS Familiarization &Promo for general public at Box Lake October 2 2017 offering talks on wetland health & water sampling time to be announced in paper and on radio. Qualified Environmental Professionals will be on site as well as a First Nation Biologist from Okanagan First Nations showing support and collaboration with ALESS. Special thanks to Tara Clapp with Columbia Basin Watershed Network for helping to pull this together for ALESS, as well as everyone else. Thanks guys!
3- ALESS to support Westbank First Nations proposals for rehabilitation projects in Burton and Fauquier areas.
4- ALESS to support Burton flats environmental restoration project by B.C. Hydro, with some recommendations as in local employment opportunities, adding signs and a trail for info and viewing, encourage multi use area away from wetland with cement picnic tables and signage, add a fish component to the project with a stream rehabilitation on North end of project area (small stream south of bridge), adding cotton wood trees for noise buffer to community, boom sticks to stop course woody structure from inundating wetland area, have Okanagan First Nations (ONA) being involved, and of course an educational component.
5- View point garbage issues – Talk to Highways to see if we can get Bear proof bins installed at ¼ mile and south of town 5 mile lookout, and Burton Bridge Cenotaph pull out.
6- Mapping of Lakes Heather Leschied – Would like to work with ALESS on lake mapping of the Arrow Lakes.
7- Watershed Planning Team – Jerry Neilstrom. Work with local stake holders to form solutions to environmental issues in area, solutions that work for everyone.
8- Meeting adjourned at 3:20 pm.

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