The ALESS began monitor water quality in creeks in the Arrow Lakes watershed in 2011 when Hans Dumeroff, with a group of volunteers, tstarted testing the water in the three creeks that converge at Burton; Caribou, Snow and Burton (Trout) Creeks. We have since expanded our monitoring to include  the water quality in McDonald Creek and Nakusp Creek. In 2020 we joined the Water Rangers program and added Box Lake to our water quality monitoring program. All of these data get submitted to Environment Canada, under their CABIN protocol, and are available to the public. If you are interested in water quality please contact us (See contact page).

We are also interested in preserving and enhancing wetlands, and have done preliminary work on several. If you know of wetlands that have been damaged please let us know. We are organizing a group of societies, government & quasi-government agencies and First Nations that are working on mapping and preserving our wetlands. The intent is to have an independent collaborative with input from the above groups but, just as importantly, the local community to accomplish this.

In 2021 we intend to expand our water testing and have initiated a mapping program to inform people and to document the data and condition of our watersheds. We can always use your help and would welcome you comments and support, whether by volunteering in the field or helping run the society. Please feel free to contact us.

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