Kevin Schiller (KS), Nicole Schiller (NS), Richard Johnson (RJ), Doug Loughran (DL), Simon Wallis (SW)


753 – 8th Avenue NW, Nakusp, BC, V0G 1R0

Date and Time:

Saturday 3 March 2018, 1.40 pm to 3 pm PST.


1. Meeting opened: 1.40 pm (proposed-KS, seconded-SW).
2. RJ to become an Acting Director of ALESS (proposed-KS, seconded-SW). This status will be updated to full Director at the next ALESS Annual General Meeting, date yet to be determined.
3. RJ presentation:
⦁ Grants: the Community Initiatives and Affected Areas Program (CI-AAP) Applications are due by the end of February 2018. RJ has filed two Application, on behalf of ALESS, that meets this deadline, in the sum of $7K in total (covering – water stream sampling, map printing, mileage for sample team, a modest sum for sample team involvement, analytical reagents for water testing by the sample team, water samples analysis at external contract analytical laboratories, a colour laser printer and toner).
1 ALESS need to develop a 5 year strategic plan. RJ made an application to the CBT Non-profit Support Program for assistance in developing a plan.
2 Watershed Planning Team (WPT) to be initiated. ALESS will call a meeting to do this. KS
4. 3 Initial projects to be suggested at the meeting for discussion by the stakeholders.
5. Eagle Creek, Edgewood), an ONA project: KS has indicated an interest in ALESS involvement.
6. Gerry N: available for telephone support, but will not be attending future WPTM meetings unless need be.
7. ONA: Lisa Wilson is to visit Nakusp in April to meet with ALESS members.
8. RDCK (Paul Peterson): provided funds in the amount of $2558.02 for the ALESS purchase of a projector and a laptop computer. ALESS to send an official thank you to Paul P (KS/NS).
9. Laura Duncan has previously given permission to ALESS via Richard Johnson, allowing ALESS to use the water testing equipment for as long as need be. RJ has confirmed.
10. RJ will request electronic copies of historic ALESS water sampling/results data from Laura D.
11. Forestry has agreed to provide, free of charge, some useful maps to ALESS: Kuskanax to Edgewood (part of the ALESS area Galena Bay to Castelgar). KS handling.
12. Central Kootenay Invasive Species (CKISS): currently conducting a razor clam study in the Valley during 2018, KS asked members if they were interested in helping if the opportunity arises.
13. New Societies Act: ALESS has to ‘transition to new act. We should pass new bylaws at next AGM. RJ will work with NS and KS to prepare them for the AGM.
14. The next Watershed Planning Team meeting is proposed to be Wednesday 28 Match 2018, at 1-3pm, Selkirk College
15. Meeting closed 3pm (proposed-KS, seconded-SW).


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