Public Information Meeting REF WPT / SWAP Presentation Nakusp 25 Jan 2018



Introduction (10:30)

  • Kevin Schiller
  • Gerry Nellestijn


Attendees Introductions

Megan Chadwick – BC Hydro

Jerry Van Immerzeel – ATV Club

Jen Walker-Larsen – BC Hydro

Angus Glass – FWCP

Christine Nickol – MOTI

Kevin Schiller – ALESS

Doug Walkrin – ALESS

Simon Wallis – ALESS

Kristen Murphy – MFLNRO

Donald Kirk – Woodlot 406 owner

Ron Palmer – Interfor

Cam Leitch – Forester – Forest Practices Board

Frances Swan – Nakusp and Area Community Forest Inc.

Richard Johnson – SWAMP

Tessa Terbasket – ONA

Lisa Wilson – ONA

Michael Zimmer – ONA

Presentations (10:45)

Gerry Nellestijn

  • Thank REF
  • WPT / SWAP overview


Francis Swan (11:35)

  • Nakusp & Area Community Forest (2013) Inc.
  • NACFOR is owned by Nakusp
  • NACFOR is managed by True North Forestry Consulting Ltd
  • Mission Statement: “Balance economic, ecological and social concerns in a manner that optimizes benefits for both the local and global community“
  • *Potential: fire management, hydrology modelling, climate change issues

Ron Palmer (11:47)

  • Interfor Planning
  • *Potential: fish enhancement to road / bridge building, high value BT areas, prescribed burning (for habitat restoration), climate change research with UBC


Richard Johnson (12:00)

  • ~$300,000 on mapping wetlands
  • Wetland mapping training offered
  • Working on standardized benthic invertebrate assessments in stagnant water
  • Rare and listed species assessments
  • Pubic outreach
  • *Potential: wetland assessment / monitoring, bats, mammals, plants, birds

Lunch (12:15)


Presentations Cont. (13:00)

Angus Glass (13:00)

  • FWCP Overview
  • $9.4 million for 2017-18
  • Enhance Fish & Wildlife in dam impacted watershed
  • Priorities: (1) Riparian, (2) Restoration, (3) North Columbia
  • Community Engagement Grants ($1000), no deadline – more funding in Apr 2018
  • Currently updating action plans – will ask the public what is needed
  • *Potential: public input into updating action plans


Lisa Wilson / Tessa Terbasket (13:15)

Sylix Water Responsibility Informing Watershed Planning

  • The Sylix Water Declaration
  • How to see TEK methodology to inform Watershed Planning
  • Sylix Water “Responsibility” and Planning methodology (rather than “management”)
  • Incorporating tangible and intangible values; TEK mapping
  • Consider what your underlying VALUES are (underlying all planning)
  • Look into “Facilitation Language” to handle misalignments
    • Territories, varying underlying values
  • How to evaluate the success of the plan


Michael Zimmer (13:36)

  • Technical Projects


Discussion (13:45)

  • Lisa Wilson: Recommend looking at discussion points rather than looking at the matrix
  • Simon Wallis: There is quite a lot of common ground between stakeholders matrix important


SWAP Matrix Walkthrough (13:55)

Discussion (14:15)

  • Kristin Murphy: Does ALESS have stated objectives?
  • Kevin Schiller We build that together the Matrix holds it
  • Christine Nickol: I need to know what ALESS objectives are so that I can figure out what FLNRO can bring to the table.
  • Kevin Schiller: Sustainable fish & wildlife numbers, ecosystems, wetlands; water is number 1 (protection, caring)
  • Richard Johnson: Maybe ONA and ALESS can come together and figure out something and bring it back to other stakeholders.
  • Lisa Wilson: We need to go into this with eyes wide open. This idea will attract more and more people to the table.
  • Kristin Murphy: So Kevin if you could make a organizational document…
  • Lisa Wilson: Next step would be a visioning exercise.
  • Frances Swan: I’m not clear on the governance structure of ALESS or their operating boundary.
  • Kevin Schiller: Shelter Bay – Galena Bay ferry to Hugh Keenleyside Dam, to the high point of land
  • Angus Glass: Gerry do you have any advice for how ALESS could look at their operating boundary? It is not a nice, distinct watershed
  • Gerry Nellestijn: The scope Kevin identified is fine butt start with a smaller high value watershed like Mosquito Cr./other.
  • Christine Nickol: Do an inventory of projects that are already being / have been done. Use active organizations to get in on work. Lisa Wilson mentioned earlier that ONA had done that already.
  • Kristin Murphy: A Water Licence Requirements Specialist from BC Hydro may have a list of all current working projects
  • Frances Swan: It would be VERY valuable to collect all relevant historic and current data before beginning
  • Christine Nickol: E.g. EcoCat

End (15:50)


Distribute ALESS governance docs to Mtg attendees.

Distribute Mtg. notes.

Develop ONA/ALESS co- coordination approach of next steps.


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