ALESS General Meeting

Date: Friday December 15, 2017
Call to order: 2:03 PM

In Attendance: Doug Lofgren, Linda Harrington, Simon Wallis, Michael Le Couteur, Kevin Schiller, Nicole Schiller

Bear proof bin acquisition progress discussion: Kevin has discussed with YRB and they do not have funds to support project. Need to explore getting permission to place bins should we come up with the funds. RDCK (Paul Pederson) has been approached, was advised to write a letter to RDCK with our proposal. Discussed possibility of applying for grant from CBT Spring grant intake. Source out and cost bins so that letters can be written.

Holmberg wetland discussion: update – CBT portion of grant application has been rejected. Project may have to be downsized if donations / funding money can’t be found.

Arrow Lakes watershed planning meeting Discussion and update: Meeting in December with the stakeholders was well received by those in attendance. Seven individual stakeholder groups are in support. Next step is to develop the steering committee. ALESS (Kevin) to begin planning second community meeting.

Website Discussion: Michael awaiting okay to publish updated watershed planning meeting info.

Fundraising brainstorming: Meat draw at the legion fundraiser suggested. “Go fund me” site. Pay Pal account setup for website? Create calendar as advertisement or fundraising? Michael to look into…

Michael also to investigate what the legion has to rent out as far as equipment / tent / table for toad fest 2018

Michael moves to adjourn meeting. Simon seconds.

Meeting adjourned at 3:07 PM


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